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Summary of Benefits

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Recreational Opportunities

The Stanford Perimeter Trail provides a recreational resource for Stanford students, faculty and staff, along with residents, and visitors. We also expect that many people in the surrounding communities will use it.

The Class I Trail offers:

  • Walking, running, and bicycling opportunities for individuals and groups.
  • Opportunities for social interaction along the trail.


New connections will be made between communities and trails, and between major destinations:

  • The Stanford Perimeter Trail links neighborhoods together.
  • Neighborhood children and teens have improved access, by foot and by bike, to Nixon Elementary School, Escondido School and Palo Alto High School.
  • The Stanford Perimeter Trail provides connections to the Stanford Stadium, Town and Country Village, Palo Alto Medical Center, Stanford Shopping Center, El Camino Park, Palo Alto Transit Center, and many more destinations.


The Stanford Perimeter Trail buffers recreational users from vehicular traffic and creates a safer and more enjoyable experience by:

  • Providing safer routes for children to walk or bike to Nixon Elementary School, Escondido School, and Palo Alto High School.
  • Improving the parking configuration along Stanford Avenue near JSB.

In addition to the Stanford Perimeter Trail itself, the project included several additional improvements:

  • Bike parking including a bike corral at the intersection of Stanford Avenue and JSB to accommodate 50 bicycles.
  • Landscaping to repair existing disturbed areas and to supplement areas with native trees and plants.
  • Way-finding signage along the SPT, providing directions and information about destination points.