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Back-In Angle Parking

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Stanford Avenue Parking

Sign with the text "Back-in angle parking only"
What is back angle parking?
Back-in angle parking is a safe alternative to parallel and front-in angle parking. Instead of pulling forward into an angled parking space, motorists would back-in to the space.

Back-In Angle Parking  has been installed for the south side of Stanford Avenue between Junipero Serra Boulevard and Raimundo Way. 

The back-in parking:

  • Allows the addition of the multi-use trail on the north side of Stanford Avenue, a new sidewalk on the south side, bike lanes on the roadway and retain 45 parking spaces between JSB and Raimundo Way.

Improve motorist visibility, increasing safety for bikes and pedestrians:

  • As motorists exit their parking space, they are able to see cyclists traveling in the adjacent bike lane.
  • Car doors open in a manner that does not interfere with bicyclists and directs car passengers towards the sidewalk, away from traffic.

Improve loading and unloading:

  • Car trunks are adjacent to the sidewalk, outside the traveled roadway.
  • Car doors do not open onto roadway.

Decrease collisions:

  • Motorists will not be required to blindly back-out of their parking space when exiting.
  • Cyclists and other motorists will clearly be able to see automobile signals as vehicles prepare to back into a parking space.